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1911-May. Morio Shokai was founded in Shiba-Ku (Current Minato-Ku), Tokyo
1912-Apr. Started manufacturing lighting-wiring accessories for rolling stock
1936-Dec. Morio Shokai Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was established in Shiba-Ku (Current Minato-Ku), Tokyo
1942-Aug.  Company’s name was changed to Morio Denki Co., Ltd. and company was moved to Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
1943-Oct. Started manufacturing and sales of lighting-wiring accessories for ship
1955-Jan. Nominated by Defense Agency (Current Ministry of Defense) as a manufacturer of lighting and wiring accessories and signalling equipment
1961-Jul. Ryugasaki Plant was newly opened and operated in Ryugasaki city, Ibaraki Prefecture
1962-Sep. Company was listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
  1964-Oct.   Osaka District Office was opened
  1965-Jul.    Started manufacturing and sales of automatic screen-type destination indicator, first in Japan
1966-Jun. Established Automobile Sector, started manufacturing and sales of electrical equipment for automobile
  1972-Jul.    Established Special Equipment Sector and Real Estate-related Sector, started manufacturing, sales and business 
  1981-Feb.    Head office buildings was built and completed in Tateishi,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo 
1984-Apr. Started , first in the country, manufacturing and sales of interior indicator ( PIST, Passenger Information System on Train) for Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train
1989-Jun. Osaka District Office was expanded to Osaka Sales Office
1991-Nov. Sendai District Office and Fukuoka District Office were newly opened
1998-Oct. Started manufacturing and sales of on-board LED traffic information display for Japan Highway Public Corporation (Current NEXCO Companies)
  1999-Nov.   Company obtained Quality Management System certification (ISO 9001)
2002-Jan. New engineering office building was completed, and the name of plant was changed to Ryugasaki Business Establishment
  2003-Mar.   Fukuoka District Office was closed and integrated into Osaka Sales Office
2005-Dec. Started manufacturing and sales of Full color indicator for rolling stock
2006-Mar. Company obtained Environmental Management System certification (ISO 14001)
  2007-Mar.   In Ryugasaki Business Establishment, some plant buildings were partly reconstructed and also new B plant building was built and completed
  2010-Mar.   Two departments of Management Sector were moved from head office to Ryugasaki Business Establishment ( Management Planning Dept.,and Personnel and General Affairs Dept.)
  2012-Mar.   Head office was temporary moved to Aoto,Katsushika-ku,Tokyo for redevelopment
  2013-Aug.   The subsidiary, Morio USA Corporation, was established to the United States.
  2016-Jul.   Morio USA Corporation was moved to present location due to integration
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