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 Since our founding in 1911, we have been thoroughly designing, manufacturing, and selling various electronic components and electrical parts based on our accumulated knowledge in the transportation infrastructure field. These components and parts are primarily used for rolling stock, but also found in information displaying devices used for road traffic and electrical components in ships.
 You will see our products performing important roles in your daily life, such as the information indicators and ceiling lights of the Shinkansen bullet trains and other types of electric trains, and the traffic information boards informing drivers of under-repair notices etc. Rolling stock has undergone a worldwide re-evaluation of its importance recently because it is higher energy-efficient and more contributable to carbon reduction in comparison to other modes of transportation like airplanes and automobiles. As a result, many new plans for the construction of high speed railway are moving forward worldwide. In rolling stock-related fields, significant technological development has been seen, such as in control technology utilizing high-speed or wireless communication, display and lighting devices using LED, and the development seems to know no limit. With pride in our manufacturing capability and in the spirit of “Customers First,” we will continue to work on leading-edge technology to meet the various demands of our customers at home and abroad through the provision of a wide range of electrical products.


Hiroyuki Kikuchi

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