(1)Information indicators for rolling stock
(2)Cab equipment for rolling stock
(3)Controllers for rolling stock
(4)Information display system for automobile
(5)Electrical equipment for ship
(6)New products and Products for overseas

(2)Equipment for Driver's cab of rolling stock
  We supply various important electrical equipment for suporting safe, sure, secure and comfortable operation.

Equipment for Cab
We assemble a control platform in consideration of the driver's easy operation with a simple arrangement of various devices and instruments.
Master controller
This is a controller for acceleration, deceleration and stopping of car running, like as automobile accelerator and brake.
Buzzer unit
This is a board consolidating various warning buzzers such as for ATS and for communication between driver and conductor.
Consolidation of same functioned buzzers helps improvement of " Space factor".
Conductor's switch unit
This is a board put together the devices operated by conductor such as for opening and closing of doors at the dwell time at the station.
The unit is located in the convenient position for conductor and improves the conductor's handleability and the space factor.
Change-over switch
We have been supplying for long time various types and kinds of switch which required strict reliability.
Our high-reliable production techniques proven in the past application is so far being succeeded.
In particular, the ATC change-over switch, which deeply influences safe running of Shinkansen, has been adopted for the trains of every Shinkansen Company since the inauguration of Tokaido Shinkansen.