(1)Information indicators for rolling stock
(2)Cab equipment for rolling stock
(3)Controllers for rolling stock
(4)Information display system for automobile
(5)Electrical equipment for ship
(6)New products and Products for overseas

(5)Electrical equipment for ship
Since 1943, we have been supplying various kinds of electrical equipment including lighting apparatus to support safe and secure navigations of ships.

Deck light
The light ensures the safe nighttime works on deck.
Explosion-proof light
The light is used in such environment as tank vessels in which flammable gas might exist. The costruction of the light prevents external explosion induced by the electric sparks produced inside the light enclosure.
Explosion-proof switch
The inner ignition by spark caused in switching off could not influence to the outside of switch construction.The switch is used in sets with an explosion-proof light.
White/Red fluorescent light
White lamp is lit in the daytime while red in the night in the windowless cabin. Daytime and nighttime can be recognized by lamp color. Brightness of lamp is adjustable.