(1)Information indicators for rolling stock
(2)Cab equipment for rolling stock
(3)Controllers for rolling stock
(4)Information display system for automobile
(5)Electrical equipment for ship
(6)New products and Products for overseas

(3)Controllers for rolling stock
Our technology is applied at the unaware portion of the car you board.
Specifically, they are, from large components like the under-floor switch board box containing so-called auxiliary circuits for air conditioning control, lighting control, and inverter control etc. , to small parts like under-seat heaters, all of which are essential for train operation

Under-floor switchboard box
We supply many types of under-floor swichboard box for Shinkansen and commuter trains, which contain switchboards, relay boards, and other equipment indispensable for train operation.
We design and manufacture large and small switchboards.
Switchboard contains many circuit breakers which have combined structure of switch and fuse, and it secures the safety of various electrical equipment.
Multiple unit control board
This control board transmits to each vehicle the information on train running and stopping which are sent from driver's platform and ATC system.
The board uses high-reliable sealed-type relays and printed circuit boards to ensure high reliability.
We supplied many types of heater based on our long history and accumulated experience.
The heaters are installed beneath the seats of car.