(1)Information indicators for rolling stock
(2)Cab equipment for rolling stock
(3)Controllers for rolling stock
(4)Information display system for automobile
(5)Electrical equipment for ship
(6)New products and Products for overseas

(4)Information display system for automobile 
The display system sends accident information and under-repair notice etc.
for drivers' safety and security.
Our products are supporting the drivers' safety and security and performing well both on highways and ordinary roads.

Signboard vehicle with Lifting -type display system
The displaying board can move up higher to give a good visibility 
Signboard vehicle with Road information display system
The regulatory infomation on repair works etc. are displayed on the display board to alert the drivers
Car-borne information display system
The display system is mounted on the car roof, and reminds the drivers of alerting road information.
Lifting-type car-borne display system
The system is mountable to special-purpose cars according to the usage.
Portable LED information display panel
The panel is put on the road and displays regulatory information and warnings.