(1)Information indicators for rolling stock
(2)Cab equipment for rolling stock
(3)Controllers for rolling stock
(4)Display system for automobile
(5)Electrical equipment for ship
(6)New products and Products for overseas

(6)New products and Products for overseas 
Our consciousness and self-confidence as one of the time-honored companies in the industry segment, are presenting many kinds of new electrical product which are suited to the needs of the time and contribute to the transportation infrastructure.

Emergency braking device (EB Device)
The device applying emergency braking automatically in the event the driver could not operate due to unexpected contingency. Safety of passenger and crew is ensured with the device.

Principal characteristics
 Power supply  DC24V  DC100V
 Number of input ports  15 ports
Interface for Input  Photocoupler
 Timer 60 seconds + 5 seconds, 2 lines 
 Number of output ports  Alert output x 1, EB output x 1
 interface for Output  Relay
Operation status recorder
The recorder monitors and records the running conditions continually.The recorded data are analyzable with a dedicated analyser.

Principal characteristics
 Power supply  DC24V  DC100V
 Number of input ports  Input; 27 ports, Output; 5 ports
 Interface for Input  Photocoupler
( not through contacts)
 Input impedance  ±2k ohms  ±10k ohms
 Recording cycle  every 0.2 seconds
 Duration of data stock  more than one month
 Recording media  CF card
 Suitable type of tachometer generator  AG20、AG37、NDSD、FAC、others
Products for Overseas 
Many products are adopted for exported cars.

New York City subway car running in Manhattan district.
Fluorescent lights and Information indicators were supplied for these cars.
Taiwan High Speed Rail car
Information indicators, Ceiling fluorescent lights, Switch boards, Under floor switch boxes, and many other electrical equipment were supplied for these cars.
Singapore Mass Rapid Transit car
Ceiling fluorescent lights , Switch boards and many others were supplied for these cars.